SIGCHI-sähköpostilistan käyttöperiaatteet / SIGCHI mailing list policy


This page is in English because we often receive messages outside of Finland to which some of the rules below apply.


General information about the list

The sigchi (at) sigchi dot fi mailing list is intended for communication about HCI-related issues in Finland. This includes news about seminars, meetings, conferences, among others, as well as general discussion among the mailing list subscribers.

Our mailing list is not moderated for those who are our subscribers. However, our mailing list receives frequently emails that we cannot forward to the list. We have written this page to clarify why this is sometimes the case.


The following types of messages have restrictions

The board of SIGCHI Finland has decided to use the following specific policies. If a subscriber does not follow the policies stated on this page, the moderator may remove these rights from that subscriber.


Seminars and conferences organized for profit

We welcome advertisements and news also regarding HCI events (e.g., courses) that are organized by companies with a goal of making profit. However, we require the company/organization to become our member (the membership fee has been 100 eur through many years).


Seminars and conferences outside of Finland

If the conference has a Finland-based person in a leading role (e.g., as a chair), the conference can have one advertisement in our list. This means that calls for papers for individual tracks cannot have separate advertisements in our list.

However, if the conference is organizerd in a Nordic country, advertising it in our list is very welcome.

A substantial amount of the subscribers to our list are Finnish practitioners who do not often participate in academic workshops and conferences. To be up to date on HCI-related international activities, we are advising our members to sign up to CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS and BCS-HCI lists in order to receive international information.


Seminars and conferences within Finland

If a conference is organized in Finland, we recommend sending max 2 advertisements/calls per an event.


Invitations to web surveys

Our list is not intended for getting help in distributing surveys from the Finnish HCI community.

However, we welcome surveys where the intended respondents are Finnish HCI professionals, researchers and students. In other words, your survey should address a topic to which you need responses from HCI people.