Member Benefits

What does SIGCHI Finland offer its members and what can be offered? 

The purpose of SIGCHI Finland’s operations is to develop and support teaching, research and business activity in HCI in Finland. Through membership of the association you are supporting the HCI field in Finland. Further, by following and participating in the association’s activities you will receive the following benefits:

New contacts in the HCI field

SIGCHI Finland gathers together people in Finland, who research, develop and design human-computer interaction and related usability. Members receive the opportunity to network, for example at the association’s seminars as well as through its webpages.

Recruiting channel

There is a separate list for job announcements in the field, to which members can sign up.

Businesses and organisations existing as supporting members are able to have their webpages linked to the association’s if they wish.

Information about the association’s activities in Finland

The association’s seminar and member meeting are organised based on various themes.

We organise getting-to-know-you events particularly to familiarize members with companies, schools and research departments in our field.

We support activities related to the HCI field in Finland.

Information about events in this field in Finland and internationally

SIGCHI Finland aims to bring national and international perspectives to Finnish activities in the HCI field.

Information of field-related events are sent by email to members, this is in addition to any relevant news in the field. For more information about HCI-related events, see the association’s webpages.

The opportunity to inform other members about HCI-related events can be done through the webpages and email list.

Webpage Announcements

Public directory of the field’s practitioners in Finland

Links to important HCI resources on the web

Member written conference reports