Mikä on UX SIG?

UX SIG on SIGCHI Finlandin teemaryhmä (special interest group), joka yhdistää käyttäjäkokemuksesta (user experience, UX) kiinnostuneet ihmiset Suomessa.

Tervetuloa mukaan UX SIGin tapahtumiin!

UX SIG -tapahtumat 2013

UX SIG: Engaging Interaction

19.9.2013 12-14:30 Aalto BIZ, Juhlasali B163, Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki

Dr. Sarah Diefenbach visits us from the Folkwang University of Arts, Germany. We'll discuss about the means to make interaction with technology more engaging e.g. to help people change their lifestyle. The SIG will be followed by a Finnish-speaking event on UX in health & wellbeing.

UX SIG: Perspectives to User Experience

7.5.2013 13-15:00, Center for Internet Excellence, University of Oulu, Oulu

In this SIG event, Virpi Roto shares the latest news from CHI conference and especially the UX SIG session she organized there on the 3rd and 4th waves of HCI. Virve Inget talks about UX in practice, i.e., how Soul4Design tackles UX in the different phases of product design.

UX SIG: 3rd wave way of working

7.3.2013 14-16:30, Arabia 885, Aalto ARTS, Hämeentie 135C, Helsinki

Prof. Daniel Fällman from Umeå University will talk about interaction design in a post-usability world. Virpi Roto will follow by facilitating discussion on the ways of working in the 3rd wave HCI, in which experiences and daily life contexts need to be addressed.

UX SIG -tapahtumat 2012

UX SIG: Expectations and UX

30.5.2012 9:30-11:30, Nokia Innovation Center, Hermiankatu 1, Tampere

User experience is tied to person's expectations. In this event, we discuss how expectations are influencing experience and how expectations have been studied.

UX SIG: Experience-driven design

8.3.2012 9:30-12:00, Design Factory, Otaniemi, Espoo
We have a special guest speaker from Delft University of Technology, Rick Schifferstein, talking about taking an experience as a starting point of designing products. Finnish speakers will accompany Dr. Schifferstein with speeches on experience design.

UX SIG -tapahtumat 2011

UX SIG: Mobiili 3D-käyttäjäkokemus

29.11.2011 12:00-14:30, Oulun yliopisto, Oulu
SIGCHI Finland järjestää yhdessä CIE:n ja Nokian kanssa UX SIG -keskustelutilaisuuden 3D-käyttäjäkokemuksesta. Alussa on tutkijoiden esityksiä ja lopussa vapaata keskustelua aiheesta kahvituksen kera.

UX SIG: UX measurability

18.10.2011 9:30-12, Design Factory, Otaniemi, Espoo
We have the pleasure to have Dr. Effie Law from the University of Leicester, UK, visiting our UX SIG. Two Finnish experts will join Effie in presenting different perspectives to UX measurability.

UX SIG: pitkän aikavälin UX

1.6.2011 klo 14-16, Tampereen Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, IHTE Konetalo K739, Korkeakoulunkatu 6, Tampere
Vuoden toisen UX SIG-tapaamisen aiheena on pitkän aikavälin UX

UX SIG: UX design

10.3.2011 klo 15-18 Aalto-yliopisto Hämeentie 153C, Helsinki
Vuoden ensimmäinen UX SIG oli englanninkielinen, aiheena UX Design.